The Costa Blanca appropriates the contemporary style to mark a milestone in the luxury real estate sector

Already in 2017 Alicante was a Spanish province with most high standing homes for sale in Spain. These are some of the factors that have led to the imminent construction boom of the Costa Blanca: an excellent climate throughout the year, the best views of the Mediterranean Sea and the value for money that is presented as a much more attractive option for both owners and buyers.

A further condition has been the sustained development of tourism and its ability to attract major investors from around the world. More than a fifth of the luxury real estate available for purchase in the country is located along the Alicante coast, having really high standards of quality and really “affordable” prices.

On the other hand, this wave of the real estate sector in the region is a relatively young phenomenon and, therefore, draws on modern properties by excellence. A large portion of the most relevant contemporary homes in the country is located around this area.

Renowned architects and constructors of remarkable prestige are involved in a good part of the current projects in Jávea, Moraira and the vicinity of San Juan beach. To the mentioned territories can be added the always-admired Benidorm and the avant-garde Altea Hills.

Contemporary architecture at the service of nature and comfort

The ability to adapt to a society where each element points to the optimization, sustainability and use of the new technologies, is a feature to be highlighted in the most recent luxury properties of the Costa Blanca.

Without sacrificing the formal and aesthetic values ​​that a demanding client seeks and needs, the luxury villas of Alicante seem to open the way to what could be the most avant-garde version of these elements. These are properties that take advantage of the benefits of the land, temperature and natural light, to provide a much more imbricated experience with the concept of habitat. All this translates into comfort and quality, of course.

Frequent elements in the design of luxury properties would be the terraces, this time not as a complement, but as protagonists in the conception of housing. Landscaping projects acquire great relevance and emphasize the link between interior and exterior spaces of the house.

The immense glass windows are a virtually indispensable element not only to take advantage of natural lighting but also to highlight that essential component of the Costa Blanca — the views. It is important to consider that many of the luxury homes are located on the waterfront or at the top of the hills.

Minimalism is imposed as a wise alternative. If what makes Costa Blanca special is its exceptional ecosystem, the most valued buildings are those where the ecosystem takes over space and not vice versa.

All this, added to the profitability of investing in the new luxury urbanizations of Alicante, makes the region one of the most valued destinations in the current landscape.