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Cala Comte (Cala Conta)

Cala Comte, also known in Spanish as Cala Conta or Platges de Comte in Catalan, is one of the most emblematic beaches in Ibiza, located in the southwest of the island, specifically in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, about 8 kilometers west of the village of Sant Agustí des Vedrà. This coastal area is not only famous for its crystal-clear waters but also for its historical connection with Nuño Sánchez, Count of Sardinia and Roussillon, who participated in the conquest of the island in 1234 and gives his name to this cove. Although the name of this cove is actually Platges de Comte, which translates in English to Count's Beaches, as it refers to the two adjacent beaches of Platja de Tramuntana (facing north) and Platja de Ponent (facing west).

The area of Sant Josep where Cala Comte is located is known for its natural beauty and tranquil ambiance. Cala Comte, in particular, is appreciated for being a succession of charming small coves offering a refreshing view of the islets northwest of Ibiza. Moreover, this area of the island offers a variety of activities and experiences that visitors can enjoy, such as boat excursions, paddle surfing, and snorkeling.

In Sant Josep de sa Talaia, visitors can explore other nearby attractions and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. The proximity of Cala Comte to Sant Antoni de Portmany, just 10 minutes by car, allows visitors to explore even more the wonders of Ibiza.

The Islets of Cala Comte

islets of Cala Comte
The islets seen from Cala Comte, in the background to the left. Source: stavros1 on wikipedia.

In addition to fine, white sand, Cala Comte offers simply spectacular views. Directly in front of the beach, the spacious islet of s'Illa d'es Bosc stands out, an image that remains etched in the memory of those who visit Ibiza. Looking west, the horizon is adorned with several islets, with s'Espartar being notable, traditionally known for the process of immersing esparto in its waters to give it more strength and resistance.

From Cala Comte, the panoramic view of the islets continues with several others adorning the marine landscape. The list of islets and reefs that can be appreciated includes:

  • s'Illa des Bosc: This islet is a remarkable sight from Cala Comte, forming part of the iconic landscape of the area.
  • Escull de Ses Punxes: A reef that is relatively close to s'Illa des Bosc, and is also visible from the beach.
  • sa Conillera: With an area of 7.35 square kilometers, it's the largest islet of the Pityuses visible from the beach.
  • s'Espartar: This islet has a traditional history related to the esparto immersed in its waters to increase its strength and resistance.
  • ses Bledes: Another set of islets that complete the view from Cala Comte, adding to the scenic beauty of the place.

The presence of these islets and reefs on the horizon not only enriches the view, but also adds a special charm to the experience of visiting Cala Comte, making it an unforgettable site in Ibiza.

How to Get to Cala Comte

Cala Comte is located in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, although the nearest resort is Sant Antoni. To get to Cala Comte from Sant Antoni, there are several alternatives. The route is well marked by brown tourist signs from the PM 803 road, near the village of Sant Agustí des Vedrà. In addition, before arriving at Cala Comte, on your left, you will find a large open parking area where you can leave your vehicle.

The route of line 04 connecting Sant Antoni to Cala Comte is as follows:

  • Estació de Sant Antoni
  • H. Arenal
  • H. Puchet
  • Racó des Sol
  • es Pouet
  • H. Bergantín
  • H. Mar Amantis
  • H. Nautilus
  • H. Pinet
  • H. Riviera
  • H. San Diego
  • Av. Sant Agustí, 150
  • Cala de Bou
  • Port des Torrent
  • sa Plana - Comte
  • Bar Stop
  • Maderas Tropicales - es Pouet
  • Urb. de Cala Codolar
  • platges de Comte

During the summer, a frequent bus service is offered from Sant Antoni as well as from Ibiza town. This is a comfortable and reliable option for those who prefer not to drive. Moreover, for a more picturesque experience, regular ferry departures are made from the port of San Antonio and various hotels along the bay of Sant Antoni to the beach, allowing visitors to enjoy a pleasant sea crossing before arriving at the sunny Cala Comte.

Beaches and Coves of Cala Comte

platja ponent cala comte
Platja de Ponent at Cala Comte, with the islet of s'Illa des Bosc in front of the beach

Platja Tramuntana

Platja Tramuntana is one of the two beaches that make up the area known as Platges de Comte. This north-facing beach is appreciated for its peaceful ambiance and crystal-clear waters, ideal for snorkeling and swimming. Its fine, golden sand, coupled with the natural scenery surrounding it, creates an idyllic environment for lovers of nature and tranquility.

Platja de Ponent

On the other hand, the Platja de Ponent, facing west, is perfect for enjoying the sunset, being a popular scene among visitors and locals. This beach also has crystal-clear waters and a stretch of soft sand inviting relaxation and enjoyment of the Mediterranean environment.

cala escondida ibiza
South of Les Platges del Comte is the small cove of Cala Escondida

Cala Escondida

Cala Escondida is a hidden gem in the Cala Comte area. This small cove, as its name suggests, offers a more private and secluded refuge for those looking to escape the crowds. Access is a bit more complicated than that of the other beaches in the area, but the tranquility and stunning views it offers are well worth the effort. It has a beach bar where bathers can enjoy a cool drink in the summer.

Es Racó d’en Xic

Lastly, Es Racó d’en Xic is a charming little cove that is part of the Cala Comte experience. Although smaller compared to the other beaches, its charm lies in its intimate and picturesque ambiance, ideal for those looking for a quiet corner to relax and enjoy the sea and nature.

The Preferred Destination for Sunsets in Ibiza

sunset at cala comte
Cala Conta may be the preferred destination to enjoy sunsets in Ibiza

Cala Comte, also known as Cala Conta or Platges de Comte, is recognized as one of the best places in Ibiza to enjoy sunsets. This charming area is located about 15 minutes from San José and nearly 20 minutes from San Antonio, and is particularly appreciated for the panoramic views it offers, allowing visitors to see how the sun disappears on the horizon, creating a spectacle of colors in the sky and in the crystal clear waters with turquoise hues that characterize these beaches.

The location of Cala Comte in the southwest of the island provides a perfect setting to capture unforgettable sunsets, being a must-stop for lovers of this natural phenomenon. Many choose this beach to relax at the end of the day, admiring the beauty of the sun disappearing into the vast sea, and capturing photographs that serve as a lasting memory of the serenity and natural beauty of Ibiza.

Besides the main beach, the areas near Cala Comte also offer privileged points to observe the sunset. It's not uncommon to see visitors gather on the rocks or on the sand with their loved ones, enjoying a quiet moment as the sun sets, adding a romantic and magical touch to the Ibiza experience.

The Weather at Cala Comte

Cala Comte is a wonderful place that can be enjoyed in winter as well as in summer, although it is particularly recommended to visit during the months of June and September, when the influx of tourists is not so high and the temperatures are pleasant for swimming. The area experiences a typical Mediterranean climate, with mild temperatures throughout the year.

It's important to take into account the weather when planning a visit to Cala Comte, as the climate can influence the beach experience, especially if you are interested in outdoor activities like swimming, sunbathing, or appreciating sunsets.

Properties for Sale in Cala Comte

Villa in a luxury urbanization at Cala Conta
Villa in a luxury urbanization at Cala Conta. Ref. 3708

The areas close to Cala Comte in Ibiza offer a variety of exclusive properties characterized by their luxury and their proximity to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. These properties for sale near Cala Comte offer a unique opportunity to enjoy life on the island, with sea views and close access to the beach.

Among the available options, luxury villas, exclusive gated residences, and typical Ibiza houses stand out the most. These properties for sale near Cala Comte are ideal for those looking for an exclusive residence in Ibiza, with the tranquility and natural beauty that characterize this area of the island.