Living in Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island of Ibiza. It is a beach of fine white sand, with clean and crystalline waters, also known for its relaxed atmosphere. It is located to the west of the island of Ibiza, in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. It is 260 meters long and 40 meters wide. But if you think that this is just another cove in Ibiza, you are wrong...it has much more than you imagine!

Cala Tarida is one of the best coves from which to contemplate amazing sunsets on the island of Ibiza. In fact, many tourists come to Cala Tarida exclusively to enjoy a romantic sunset. If what you are looking for is to see how the sun hides under the sea, the best time to contemplate it is at the end of summer. The rest of the year, we will see the sunset under the coast of the Iberian Peninsula. It also has a couple of small rocky islets from where we can easily access swimming and enjoy the marine fauna and flora that surrounds it.

Another curiosity of Cala Tarida are its traditional fishermen's houses, which can be found in various points of the cove and its surroundings.

Services and equipment of Cala Tarida

Access to Cala Tarida beach, with sunbeds in the sand
Access to the beach of Cala Tarida, with sun loungers on the sand

Cala Tarida beach has all the necessary services for the comfort of visitors:

  • Umbrellas
  • Sunbeds and hammocks to rent in Cala Tarida
  • Disabled access
  • Lifeguard service
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Cala Tarida Beach Bar
  • Restaurants to eat and drink in Cala Tarida
  • Car park near Cala Tarida
  • Shops of all kinds
  • Water activities such as jet skiing, diving or boating

How to go to Cala Tarida?

To get to Cala Tarida, you have several options

  1. By car, from the port of Ibiza, take the PM-803 road towards San Agustín. 300m from this municipality, we will find the detour to Cala Bassa and Cala Tarida. From San Antonio, crossing the entire Bay of San Antonio until the detour that indicates the direction to the beaches of Platges de Comte and Cala Bassa. It is also possible to reach this beach from Sant Josep, following the detour that we will find on the left just past this town and that also leads us to Cala Vedella or Cala Molí.
  2. By bus, from Sant Josep, we can take lines 5 or 38, which will leave us at a stop very close to Cala Tarida
  3. By ferry , the company Aquabus offers daily departures to different beaches and coves of Ibiza.

The weather in Cala Tarida

If you live in Cala Tarida or intend to visit it (and above all, if you are looking for warmth and sun) you are in luck. Cala Tarida shines with great sunshine practically every month of the year, and the air quality is always good.

The climate of Cala Tarida is typically Mediterranean, like practically all the rest of the island of Ibiza. It has an average temperate temperature throughout the year, with average annual temperatures ranging between 16ºC and 18ºC. Its summers are warm, with average maximum temperatures of 30ºC and occasional peaks of up to 41ºC. Its winters are, however, very comfortable compared to the rest of Europe since its average minimum temperatures do not usually drop below 6ºC.

The natural temperature regulator on the island of Ibiza is the sea, which has an average annual surface temperature that does not exceed 26ºC in summer and does not drop below 14ºC in winter. Being completely surrounded by the Mediterranean, the island of Ibiza does not have such marked thermal seasonality as in the rest of the continents and environments that surround it: to the north and west, the European continent (with markedly colder winters) and to the south the Sahara desert, with extreme thermal oscillations.

The weather in Cala Tarida today and for the next 3 days

What to do near Cala Tarida?

Torre des Savinar with the islet of Es Vedrà in the background
Torre des Savinar with the islet of Es Vedrà in the background

Cala Tarida not only has beautiful beaches. The number of activities to do and places to visit near Cala Tarida is almost endless:

You have plenty of hiking trails to enjoy nature, highlighting the route to the highest mountain on the entire island of Ibiza, the pico de Sa Talaia (also known as Atalayasa and which literally means "The Watchtower"). It offers fantastic views of the entire island and the Pitiusas Islands National Park, with the Mediterranean always in the background. From Cala Tarida you can walk to the top in just 2 hours and a half.

Another of the most pleasant visits is to the same municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, a short distance from where Cala Tarida is located, where we can enjoy the true Ibizan atmosphere away from the beaches and where, among other things, we can visit the beautiful church of Sant José.

From Cala Tarida we can visit the Ses Salines Natural Park, a protected natural space where you can take a walk among its beautiful salt pans, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999 and a National Park. Natural in 2001. This natural reserve is shared with the island of Formentera and by the more than 13,000 marine hectares of the Strait of Es Freus.

Tato if you are a lover of history, especially of ancient (and very ancient) history, you have a mandatory visit to the most important Phoenician towns that exist in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, which are the Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta, the discovery of a Phoenician settlement on the island of Ibiza dating from the 8th century BC, and the Punic-Roman settlement of Ses Païsses de Cala d'Hort, from the 5th century BC. where we can visit the ruins of the ancient city and its necropolis.

Another of the most interesting visits is to the old watchtowers that were erected in the 16th and 17th centuries as a defense against Barbary attacks and, later, from English, Dutch and French. Some of the closest towers to Cala Tarida are the Torre des Savinar (with beautiful views towards the island of Es Vedrà), the Torre de Ses Portes (with views of Formentera), and the Torre d'en Rovira (from the 18th century ), located between the beaches of Comte and Cala Bassa.

One of the activities most requested by the public is the jet ski excursion to the island of Es Vedrá, where you can learn the most incredible stories about the islet and practice snorkeling in its surroundings. The jet ski route begins in the bay of Sant Antoni, and during it you can enjoy the views of other important coves of Ibiza, such as Cala Bassa, Cala Molí, Cala Vadella or Cala d'Hort. Also, if you are interested in seeing the watchtower of d'en Rovira from the sea, doing it on a jet ski is perhaps the best option. The jet ski route to Es Vedrà lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Beaches and coves near Cala Tarida

Fishermen's huts in the cove of Es Calonet
Fishermen's huts in the cove of Es Calonet

One of the biggest attractions of Cala Tarida is, without a doubt, its adjacent coves and beaches. In them some charming corners are hidden, away from the beach of Cala Tarida itself that will be true treasures before our eyes.

Es Calonet

The cove of Es Calonet is located 200m from Cala Tarida, on its left side (looking towards the sea). One of its greatest charms is hidden... it is a small cove, with several traditional fishermen's houses bordering the crystalline waters of this small cove. A true visual spectacle! Of course, remember that they are private property and that their owners make use of them, so treat them with respect.

Es Pujolets

Towards the other side of Cala Tarida, the right side, we find one of the loneliest coves in the area. Surely this is so due to its difficult access, where you can suffer falls due to slips that are not pleasant. Despite everything, it remains an uncrowded corner of the area and if you dare and are well equipped, you can find yourself in a truly beautiful and quiet cove.

Cala Codolar

If you continue skirting the coves near Cala Tarida, towards the north, you will reach Cala Codolar, a small beach where many families tend to go, as it has a beach bar and is easily accessible.

If we continue further north, we will come across some other more important coves such as Les Platges de Comte or Cala Bassa, with beautiful turquoise blue waters.

Cala Corral

Also to the north of Cala Tarida, Cala Corral is another of the coves with typical fishermen's houses on its shore. In it we also find the small Coralmar Marina.

Buying a house in Cala Tarida

If you are thinking about buying a house in Cala Tarida, it is important to remember that Cala Tarida is an exclusive and fairly quiet area. It has all the basic services for your day to day nearby: shops, shopping center, pharmacy, restaurants, etc., which you can go on foot without any problem. However, to go to other nearby towns or to the city of Eivissa itself, you will need some means of transport. There are bus stops near the beach of Cala Tarida

In addition, if you want to buy a property in Cala Tarida, it is essential to consider the state of the house and its possible need for renovation. Although you can find houses in Cala Tarida in excellent condition, it is also possible that you will have to make some improvements or reforms to adapt the house to your needs. That's why it's important to factor these additional costs into your budget and make sure you're willing to bear them.

Finally, it is important to have a good real estate professional to help you in the home buying process. An real estate agency in Ibiza such as Luxinmo Real Estate, with experience in the Cala Tarida area, will be able to advise you on the best housing options and guide you in the home buying process.