Golden visa in Spain

What is a Golden Visa, or investor visa?

In Spain, law 14/2013 of 27 September 2013 on the promotion and internationalisation of entrepreneurship provides new grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Spain, one of which is to invest in the country's economy. The Golden Visa allows its holder to legally reside and work in Spain.



Requirements for registration of Golden Visa

The minimum investment amount is as follows:

This type of visa also applies to investors who have prepared an investment project aimed at job creation or socio-economic investment or innovation in science and technology.

Documentation requirements for the investor and family members

The application process

The process of obtaining a residence permit for an investor in Spain is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Obtaining a D visa valid for one year at the Spanish Consulate.
  2. Applying for a residence card for 2 years through Madrid (no personal presence).
  3. Fingerprinting at the immigration police in the place where the property is registered and the issuing of plastic residence cards for 2 years for the investor and his family members.