Panoramic views of Roca Llisa

Roca Llisa, Ibiza

Welcome to Roca Llisa, that hidden jewel in Ibiza that redefines luxury and tranquility in the vibrant pulse of the Mediterranean. Imagine a place where exclusivity meets the infinite blue of the sea, where each sunrise brings with it a promise of peace and privacy. This place is none other than Roca Llisa, a haven of serenity on an island known for its wild nightlife and bustling beaches.

Majestically located between Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia del Río, Roca Llisa offers the best of both worlds: immediate access to the vibrant Ibizan culture and a peaceful retreat away from the tourist tumult. What makes Roca Llisa so special? It could be its proximity to the island's only golf course, its imposing views of the Mediterranean Sea, or perhaps, the careful balance between modern architecture and respect for nature that is breathed in every corner.

The History of Roca Llisa

The history of Roca Llisa is as fascinating as its views: born from the dreams of visionaries in the 60s and 70s, this enclave was designed to be the epitome of exclusivity. Since then, it has evolved to become the home of those seeking an unparalleled lifestyle, with properties that are true works of architectural art, seamlessly integrated with the natural landscape.

The story of Roca Llisa in Ibiza begins in the early 70s with the developer Urbanizadora Internacional, S.A., who discovered and promoted this exclusive enclave. Initially, the developer was responsible for the urbanization's services, but over time, a community of owners was established to manage the services and maintain the quality of the urbanization. In 1983, the Community of Owners of Roca Llisa was officially recognized, focusing on quality and the proportional contribution of the owners to the maintenance costs.

Sustainable Architecture in Roca Llisa

In Roca Llisa, architecture and design intertwine with the environment in a way that redefines sustainable luxury. Here, each villa and residence is a testament to the commitment to sustainability, designed not only to offer unprecedented comfort but also to harmonize with the natural landscape of Ibiza. The principles of green construction and efficient resource use are fundamental pillars, ensuring that each home minimizes its ecological footprint through energy-saving technologies, water management, and eco-friendly building materials. Roca Llisa thus becomes a role model, demonstrating how modern luxury and environmental responsibility can coexist, offering a sanctuary both for its residents and for the nature that surrounds them. This holistic approach not only raises the standard of living but also sets a greener future for the coming generations in Ibiza.

Roca Llisa stands out for its modern architecture that blends with the natural landscape of Ibiza. The contemporary designs favor clean lines and large glass surfaces that allow for a visual and practical integration with the environment, maximizing views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding pine forests. This architectural approach not only highlights the natural beauty of the island but also promotes outdoor living, maintaining a balance between modern luxury and environmental sustainability.

Living in Roca Llisa Ibiza

Living in Roca Llisa offers a unique experience that combines luxury, tranquility, and a vibrant community. Each property here is designed to maximize the natural beauty of Ibiza, offering stunning views and access to top-level amenities. From modern villas with sea views to elegant apartments near the golf course, life in Roca Llisa promises unparalleled exclusivity and privacy.

The properties in Roca Llisa, available through Luxinmo Real Estate, represent the best in luxury real estate in Ibiza. With a careful selection of residences that stand out for both their architectural design and their integration with the natural environment, Luxinmo is proud to offer homes that are true works of art. These properties not only offer a luxurious lifestyle but also the opportunity to live in harmony with nature, enjoying high-quality services and amenities.

Choosing a property in Roca Llisa with Luxinmo Real Estate grants access to a level of personalized service that understands the needs of the most demanding buyers. Whether you are looking for a quiet getaway or a permanent home on this paradisiacal island, Roca Llisa offers an incomparable environment, and Luxinmo is here to guide you through every step towards owning your dream property in this exclusive residential complex.

The communities within Roca Llisa are as follows:

  • 1st, 2nd, and 4th Phase Golf - Enjoy the green splendor and tranquility of the golf course.
  • 3rd Phase Golf - Ideal for golf enthusiasts with direct access to the fields.
  • Amphitheater - Panoramic views in a unique and tranquil setting.
  • Bocama - Elegance and privacy with stunning sea views.
  • Can Blay - Tradition and modernity meet in this natural setting.
  • Casas del Mar - Live by the sea in these exclusive residences.
  • Cefa - Serene community with large green areas.
  • Corallisa - Luxury and nature in perfect harmony.
  • Finca del Golf - The ultimate golfing lifestyle.
  • Gran Barracuda - Modernity and sea views in an exclusive setting.
  • Green 4 - An oasis of peace with all modern conveniences.
  • Ibigolf Residencial - Comfort and luxury for golf lovers.
  • Solana del Golf - Tranquility and natural beauty next to the golf course.
  • Las Terrazas - Spectacular views and modern design.
  • Mar y Golf - The perfect combination of sea and sport.
  • Nuevo Sol Ibiza - Contemporary and with easy access to services.
  • Pinar Golf - Surrounded by nature and calm.
  • Punta Foradada - Exclusivity and privacy with unparalleled views.
  • Quatrovillas - Elegance and design in a privileged environment.
  • Roca Llisa Mar - Luxurious marine life with private sea access.
  • Viviendas Jardín - Perfect integration with nature and modern design.
  • Viviendas Puerto - Connect with the maritime ambiance in an exclusive space.

Currently, Luxinmo has several units from the Corallisa community, which you can find below:

House in Corallisa Ibiza

Newly built luxury villa in Roca Llisa

698m2 | Bedrooms 5 | Bathrooms 5

Where is Roca Llisa and how to get there?

Arriving at Roca Llisa, the exclusive urbanization located on the idyllic island of Ibiza, is an experience in itself, marked by the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape. Strategically located between the city of Ibiza and Santa Eulalia, it offers relatively easy access for those wishing to immerse themselves in its tranquility and luxury.

From Ibiza Airport, the car journey to Roca Llisa can take approximately 20 to 25 minutes, depending on traffic. The most direct route is to take the E-20 road and follow the signs towards Santa Eulalia, turning off towards Roca Llisa as per local directions. It is advisable to use a navigation system or GPS for accurate orientation, as signage may be scarce in some areas.

For those who prefer public transportation, although the options are limited and may not lead directly to the final part of Roca Llisa, it is possible to take the ALSA L10 bus line from the airport to Ibiza city and then switch to the ALSA L15 line heading towards Roca Llisa's golf course. The entire journey takes just under 2h.


The Golf Course in Roca Llisa: An Oasis for Enthusiasts

Golf de Roca Llisa
Source: golfibiza.com

The 9-hole Golf Ibiza course in Roca Llisa, opened in 1972 as part of the now-defunct Roca Llisa Club, is the only golf course on the island of Ibiza and offers a unique experience for golf lovers in Ibiza. Designed to be accessible and enjoyable for players of all levels, its flat and open terrain attracts both beginners and experienced golfers alike. The smart layout of obstacles, with bunkers and trees in the first four holes and challenging lakes in the last five, ensures a stimulating game.

Golf Ibiza offers two distinct courses, one of 9 and another of 18 holes, surrounded by vibrant nature, with trees and lakes that enrich each game. The constant sea breeze complements the experience, creating a unique environment for players. In addition, it has a complete Clubhouse, including a restaurant and shop, and a practice field, underlining its status as a high-level golf destination. This space not only promotes the sport but also integrates with sustainability, reusing treated wastewater for irrigation and betting on 100% electric vehicles and tools, reflecting Roca Llisa's commitment to the environment.

Activities and Experiences in Roca Llisa

S'estanyol Ibiza
Image of Cala de s'Estanyol in Ibiza

Beyond golf, Roca Llisa stands out for its variety of activities and experiences. The urbanization, privileged by its location and natural surroundings, allows for an active and relaxed lifestyle. From walks through its natural landscapes to golf sessions that can be comfortably completed in just a couple of hours, Roca Llisa is the ideal place for those looking to combine sport, leisure, and nature. Its accessibility and the beauty of the surroundings make each visit an opportunity to disconnect and enjoy the best of Ibiza.

Paradisiacal Beaches near Roca Llisa

  • Cala Olivera: Just a few minutes from Roca Llisa, Cala Olivera is a hidden gem among rocks and Mediterranean vegetation. This small but charming beach offers crystal-clear and calm waters, ideal for a refreshing swim in the privacy provided by its natural surroundings. The cove is a perfect retreat for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy the serenity offered by this secret corner of Ibiza.
  • Playa de S'Estanyol: Following the coast, we find Playa de S'Estanyol, a magical place where the blue of the sky merges with the turquoise of the sea. This beach, accessible through a path winding among pine trees, is famous for its relaxed atmosphere and calm waters, making it the ideal setting for snorkeling and other water activities.

Nearby Activities

  • Nautical Exploration: The privileged location of Roca Llisa invites exploring the blue waters of Ibiza on board a yacht or a rental boat. Sailing along the Ibizan coast offers the opportunity to discover secret coves, virgin beaches, and spectacular rock formations, accessible only from the sea. In addition, sports fishing enthusiasts will find these waters an ideal place to practice their hobby.
  • Hiking and Cycling Routes: The landscape surrounding Roca Llisa is splendidly suited for exploration on foot or by bicycle. Hiking and cycling routes wind through pine forests, offering panoramic views of the sea and the island. These activities not only allow direct contact with the nature of Ibiza but also provide a unique perspective on its geography and biodiversity.