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Bruno Erpicum, minimalist architecture in Ibiza

Bruno Erpicum's reputation has attracted a high-profile international clientele, from private homeowners to high-end project developers. His ability to create unique and sophisticated spaces has won him admirers around the world. Attention to detail and a personalised approach to each project ensures that clients receive a unique and exclusive experience.

Bruno Erpicum, minimalist architecture in Ibiza
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26 Jun, 2024

In the world of luxury architecture, few names resonate as strongly and distinctly as Bruno Erpicum. This architect has earned a prominent place on the international scene thanks to his minimalist approach, his ability to integrate buildings with the natural environment, and his commitment to sustainability. His projects stand out for avoiding unnecessary ornamentation and focusing on the essentials, creating environments that invite calm and reflection.

Who is Bruno Erpicum?

photograph of Bruno Erpicum
Photograph of Bruno Erpicum. Source: Be Perfect. Architecture: Atelier d'architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners

Bruno Erpicum is a prominent Belgian architect known for his minimalist approach and his ability to integrate buildings with the natural environment. He graduated in 1983 from the Institut Supérieur d'Architecture Saint-Luc in Brussels.

From an early age, Erpicum showed a deep interest in pure modernism, a style that rejects the use of superfluous decorative elements and focuses on simplicity and functionality. After his graduation, Erpicum traveled extensively to study architecture in different cultures, including South Africa, Peru, and the United States. During these travels, he was deeply influenced by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe, whose ideas on integrating architecture with the natural environment and innovative use of materials left a lasting impression on his work.

In 1988, Erpicum returned to Belgium and began collaborating with François de Montlivault and Marc Timmermans in Brussels. Shortly thereafter, he founded his own studio, the Atelier d'Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners (AABE). The studio quickly grew, employing fourteen architects and receiving commissions throughout Europe. Throughout his career, Erpicum has been awarded numerous prizes, including the Prix de l'Urbanisme in Belgium and several international awards for his innovative designs in sustainability and residential architecture.

Les Heures Claires house
Detail of Les Heures Claires house, built in 2004 in Rixensart, Belgium. Photographer: Jean Luc Laloux. Architecture: Atelier d'architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners

Erpicum's style is characterized by a pursuit of pure simplicity, harmony with nature, and architecture loaded with emotional impact. His projects, such as Casa Azul in Ibiza and Les Heures Claires in Rixensart, on the outskirts of Brussels, demonstrate his ability to merge structure with the surrounding landscape, using materials like stone and concrete innovatively.

In addition to his architectural work, Erpicum also designs furniture and accessories, always seeking perfection in every detail. His creations range from frameless switches to tables and lighting systems, all reflecting his philosophy of minimalist and functional design.

Bruno Erpicum's Notable Projects

One of the most outstanding elements in Erpicum's works is his masterful use of natural light. Large windows and strategically placed openings allow light to flood the interior spaces, enhancing the beauty of the materials and creating a welcoming atmosphere. This is not only aesthetically pleasing but also improves the well-being of the inhabitants. For example, the project Durban 1 in Ibiza shows how different shades of white contrast and complement each other, while the central patio acts as a focal point connecting the different parts of the house. The furniture designed by Erpicum himself and the stone features highlight the resilience to the rural environment surrounding the estate.

breukendreef belgium
The Beukendreef house is single-story and integrates perfectly into nature. Photographer: Jean Luc Laloux. Architecture: Atelier d'architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners

Erpicum is also distinguished by his mastery in integrating his buildings with the natural environment. Using local materials such as stone and wood, he designs structures that blend with the landscape, respecting and enhancing the environment. Works like Collines in France demonstrate this philosophy, with a design featuring a sublime garden and living spaces that open onto the landscape. The roof slab, supported by a few columns, seems to float, while the services are housed in a central volume clad in wood. The bedrooms, located on the lower level, have their own private garden, creating a cool and serene retreat.

For those seeking privacy and exclusivity, the residences designed by Bruno Erpicum are the perfect choice. Each project is a custom-made work of art, tailored to the needs and desires of the client. This is especially relevant in destinations like Ibiza, where discretion and luxury are essential. Can 9, for example, is situated in a pine forest, integrating perfectly without disturbing the natural surroundings. The house becomes a walk through the forest, with volumes that stretch and are carefully placed around the existing trees. A water feature reflects the surrounding nature, adding an extra dimension of tranquility and beauty.

Among his most notable projects are:

  • Aibs - Ibiza: Minimalism and outstanding use of natural light.
  • Ixos - Ibiza: Perfect integration with the Mediterranean landscape.
  • KM5 - Ibiza: Fluid connection between interiors and exteriors, maximization of natural light.
  • Alon - France: Timeless elegance with a focus on functionality and comfort.
  • Beukendreef - Belgium: Project showcasing the ability to integrate architecture and nature.
  • Can 9 - Ibiza: The house integrates into the pine forest without disturbing the surroundings.
  • Collines - France: Sublime garden and design of living spaces that open onto the landscape.
  • Durban 1 - Ibiza: Contrast of whites and a central patio as a focal point.
  • Durban 2 - Ibiza: Continuation of the contrasting style of Durban 1.
  • Ibicaelum - Ibiza: Contemporary and elegant design.
  • Casa Forana - Ibiza: Mediterranean architectural style.
  • Can Cosmi - Ibiza: Traditional Ibizan house.
  • Roosevelt - Luxembourg: Sophisticated and modern urban design.
  • Genêt - Belgium: Careful integration with the rural environment.
  • Godshuis - Belgium: Historical project with a modern approach.
  • Loft D - Belgium: Transformation of an industrial space into a contemporary loft.
  • Mana - France: Modern house that harmonizes with the surrounding nature.
  • Jode - Belgium: Residence with an elegant contemporary design.
  • Elisabeth - Belgium: Elegant renovation with classic touches.
  • Liskens - Belgium: Functional design with a modern approach.
  • Roly - Belgium: Residence that integrates with the natural environment.
  • Barachoi - Belgium: Innovative contemporary design project.
  • Kelle - Belgium: Balance between functionality and design.
  • Fox - France: Integration with the rural landscape, harmonious design.
  • Seconde Nature - France: Sustainable project with a natural approach.
  • beFOUR - Belgium: Modern residence with an elegant touch.
  • Rainha - Portugal: Perfect integration with the natural environment.
  • Zuidcote - Belgium: Modern and functional design.
  • Heideberg - Belgium: Residence in harmony with the surrounding nature.
  • Percke 1 - Belgium: Contemporary and functional project.
  • Les Heures Claires - France: Elegant and functional design in perfect harmony.
  • Go - Belgium: Modern and functional space with a contemporary approach.
  • Golf - France: Residence located in a picturesque natural setting.
  • Franklin - France: Sophisticated and elegant urban design.
  • Hifi - Belgium: Contemporary space with an innovative design.
  • Meeus - Belgium: Functional residence with a modern design.
  • Rian - Belgium: Contemporary project in perfect harmony with its surroundings.
  • Labacaho - France: Design that harmonizes with the natural environment.
  • Séminaire - France: Renovation project with a modern approach.
  • Gui 69 - Belgium: Modern and functional urban design.

Bruno Erpicum is not just an architect; he is a creator of spaces that transcend time and trends. His minimalist approach, respect for nature, and commitment to sustainability make him a benchmark for those seeking the best in architectural design. For lovers of luxury and exclusivity, discovering Erpicum's work is a journey to the very essence of elegance and sophistication.

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