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The best areas to buy a property on the Costa Blanca

Alicante is shown as a safe bet for investors and a promising habitat space for the upper class.

The best areas to buy a property on the Costa Blanca
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21 Nov, 2019

The Costa Blanca has become one of the most privileged places to acquire luxury properties in Spain. Alicante is shown as a safe bet for investors and a promising habitat space for the upper class. Either for the climate, a notable increase in services related to leisure and national and international tourism, or for its exclusive geographical location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa Blanca has one of the best development possibilities in the luxury real estate sector. We have listed below the best areas to acquire a property.


Its privileged geographical location on the northern coast of the province of Alicante and its excellent subtropical Mediterranean climate, with long summers and short winters, make Denia a highly sought-after place. The growing development of the real estate sector in the region attests to this, with more than 4,000 properties as of today. A good part of these responds to a market specialized in high-standing housing with promising figures that increase almost weekly, given the demand.

Nowadays acquiring a property in Denia can be as feasible for those who want to establish their residence there, as for those who want to invest their capital by betting on a fast and safe return. The average price per square meter, which oscillates around 1,939 euros, increases substantially along with the unstoppable opening of the luxury sector on the Costa Blanca.


Located about 90 km from Ibiza this exclusive city of the province of Alicante attracts a select market, both Spanish and international, interested in exclusive services and properties. The fundamental reason is that, being a territory that enjoys the unquestionable climatic and geographical benevolence of the Costa Blanca; it is a region in a constant constructive boom.

By 2017, it already had more than 50% of the foreign population. Since then it has been shown as an area with incredible probabilities of promotion in the real estate sector. The average price per square meter currently exceeds 2,800 euros, above the average for regions such as Benidorm, with totally exclusive areas, such as Montgó-Partida Tosal, where the approximate value of a home does not fall below one million euros (about 3,300 euros per square meter).


This coastal city, known for being an important international tourist destination, has become one of the favorites of the luxury real estate sector; with exclusive properties, which rarely fall below 500,000 euros and have increased their value in recent years promising excellent opportunities in the near future.

The average price of a square meter currently exceeds 3,000 euros, with Moravit-Cap Blanc being the most quoted area (more than 3,200 euros per square meter).


Altea was one of the first cities of the Alicante coast to develop an economy based mainly on tourism. Since the ‘60s the territory began to progress remarkably and the real estate sector has found in the luxury housing excellent probabilities to develop a very profitable trade in the region. So much so, that currently the average price of a property in Altea Hills exceeds one million euros and in less expensive areas it does not fall below a quarter of the figure.

The average price of a square meter in Altea is around 2,400 euros, exceeding the Metropolitan Area of ​​Madrid, but below the average in nearby territories such as Moraira and Jávea; therefore, representing a great alternative to enjoy the same luxury for a considerably lower price and with possibilities of growth.


Benidorm, a Spanish city with the most skyscrapers and the largest number of them per inhabitant in the world, is also one of the most important tourist region in Spain and the Mediterranean.

With enormous nightlife and a population that reaches 400,000 inhabitants in summer, it has been (and still is) for a long time in the sights of important personalities and investors.

Acquiring a property in Benidorm is a safe bet both for those looking for a glamorous and cosmopolitan environment, and for those who provide services associated with tourism and leisure in general. The average price for each square meter is around 2,550 euros.

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