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The most exclusive houses in Spain with swimming pool for 2023

Buying a house with a pool is a dream for many people, as it offers a place to relax and enjoy the sun during the warmer months. Each house has its own charm, which is why we wanted to bring you some of the most exclusive houses with swimming pool from the Luxinmo catalogue.

The most exclusive houses in Spain with swimming pool for 2023
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22 Dec, 2022

Pools can be a great addition to any home, especially during the hot summer months. Overall, having a pool at home can be a great source of fun and relaxation.

Pools with sea views

Having a swimming pool with sea views at home is a unique and magical experience. You can enjoy the relaxing sound of the waves while you swim in the pool and enjoy the panoramic views. Moreover, if the house is located in an area with such a good climate as the Costa Blanca or Ibiza, you will enjoy the pool all year round.

Houses with pools that also have sea views are the dream of many people. An infinity pool is one that has an edge that overflows, creating the illusion that the water merges with the horizon. This can be especially impressive if the pool is located in a house with sea views, as the contrast with the sea can further complement the feeling of an infinite horizon.

Unique villa in front of the sea in Javea

Price: 5.800.000 €

Location: Balcón al Mar, Jávea

Unique villa in front of the sea in Javea

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This villa is located directly on a cliff in the residential area of Balcón al Mar, a quiet area without noise 2.6 kilometers from the famous Ambolo beach, in the Alicante municipality of Jávea.

From the villa you can see, on clear days, the islands of Ibiza and Mallorca. It is, without a doubt, one of the jewels of Luxinmo Real Estate, not only because of its pool with sea views, but also because of its enormous capacity. The villa has 6 en-suite rooms, from which you can see impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea, since the villa is surrounded by the sea on all sides..

Frontline mansion in Moraira with views over the whole bay

Price: 7.900.000 €

Location: Moraira

Frontline mansion in Moraira with views over the whole bay

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Like the previous villa, this spectacular mansion stands on the edge of a cliff, on the very first line of the Mediterranean Sea. With more than 1,370 m2 built, the mansion has everything to offer. This property offers magnificent views towards the entire bay of Moraira. It is built with the highest quality standards. The entire floor is made of high-end marble, with underfloor heating. It has 7 rooms, all en suite and, of course, from almost all of them there are magnificent views of the sea.

While you enjoy a swim in the main pool (actually the property has 2 pools), you can contemplate the whole bay of Moraira, especially the Punta de Moraira and the Portet beach..

Houses with pool and exotic garden

Houses with swimming pool and exotic garden are paradise for those who love to enjoy the outdoors and the sun. An exotic garden is a green space that includes plants and flowers from warm and exotic climates, creating a tropical oasis in the middle of the city or in a rural area.

Combining a swimming pool with an exotic garden is a perfect way to create a place of escape and relaxation. You can relax in a hammock under the palm trees or swim in the pool while enjoying the view of the exotic flowers and tropical plants.

And the garden is a great place to relax.

The exotic garden can also be a perfect place to entertain friends and family during an outdoor party. You can host a poolside barbecue and decorate with coloured lights and candles to create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

Villa Aladin: Authentic arab inspired villa with tropical garden in Ibiza

Price: 3.500.000 €

Location: Sant Jordi, Ibiza

Villa Aladin: Authentic arab inspired villa with tropical garden in Ibiza

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It is a beautiful Moorish-style house, whose life revolves around the central pool. Around it we find a tropical and Mediterranean garden with fruit trees, almond and olive trees, different pavilions and chillout areas. Walking through the gardens we can also enjoy its pond with aquatic plants and fish. Outside, we also find a large jacuzzi to enjoy at the exclusive parties that are held in this unique villa.

The pool is 12m long and 7m wide at its furthest point. In the center of the pool, on a conical column, rests a granite shell that serves as a source to enrich oxygen and, therefore, the quality of the water. The garden and the pool are located to the east, south and west with views of the interior of the island and the sea. The house is just 10 minutes from the airport.

25 minutes from the villa is the Roca Lisa golf course. The construction of a second golf course 10 minutes from the house is also planned. Villa Aladin has a tourist rental permit granted.

Houses with pool and complete privacy

Houses with pools that have complete privacy are a luxury for those who value privacy and personal space. By having a pool in a totally private area, you can relax and enjoy the water without worrying about your neighbors or being seen by strangers.

Mediterranean style house with fantastic views in Pego

Price: 890.000 € 790.000 €

Location: Urb. Monte Pego, Pego

Mediterranean style house with fantastic views in pego

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This recently renovated luxury villa, with a Mediterranean style and organic lines located in the Monte Pego urbanization occupies an area of 500m2 built on a 3,000m2 plot . It has been planned on 3 floors with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It stands out for its top-quality designer finishes and decoration that make it a boutique house.

The best things about this house are its location and its views. Being located on a hill, between the sea and the mountains, from the terrace you can see sunsets towards the mountains and sunrises from the sea that have nothing to envy to other municipalities on the seafront.

You won't have to worry about the neighbors, since the house has complete privacy.

Houses with indoor pool

Houses with an indoor pool are an ideal option for those who want to enjoy a pool all year round, regardless of the weather. An indoor pool offers many advantages, including protection from the sun, rain and wind, and greater privacy.

An indoor pool can be a great addition to any home, whether or not you live in an area with cold winters. By having an indoor pool, you can still enjoy the pool even when it's cold outside, giving you the opportunity to continue exercising and relaxing in the water.

In addition, a pool cover can also protect your pool from the elements like sun and rain, thus extending its life and reducing the cost of maintenance. It can also help save money on energy by keeping your water hot longer.

Colonial style villa in Altea Hills with sea views

Price: 4.500.000€

Location: Altea Hills, Altea

Colonial style villa in Altea Hills with sea views

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In the well-known urbanization Altea Hills, this colonial-style villa is for sale. Located in one of the areas with the best views of the sea, and with complete privacy from all angles, it is a property of about 1,500 m2 built on a plot of 3,500m2  and distributed over 3 floors.

As for the exterior, the villa is surrounded by its own garden and several terraces with incredible views, as well as a fantastic pool that can be covered and heated, and which is heated by energy solar.

Town houses with pool

Buying a town house with a pool is usually a very attractive option for those looking for a quiet place away from the city. These houses are usually surrounded by gardens and terraces with panoramic views of the countryside, making them an ideal place to relax and enjoy the fresh air and tranquility of the countryside.

One of the advantages of houses with pools in towns is that they tend to be more spacious and have more available land, which allows the owners to have a bigger pool and a larger garden to enjoy outdoors. In addition, these houses tend to have a more traditional and rustic style, which makes them ideal for those looking for a more authentic and warm atmosphere.

Large mediterranean sunny villa

Price: 890.000 €

Location: Jesús Pobre, Denia

Large mediterranean sunny villa in Jesús Pobre, Denia

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This large villa is located on the slopes of the Montgó mountain, on the sunny side of Jávea and not far from the charming village of Jesús Pobre. The property is a combination of rustic and modern styles. It has 4 bedrooms and 4 completely renovated bathrooms. The spacious living and kitchen areas are modern and cozy at the same time. The pool area has complete privacy and enjoys sun all day. In addition, it is a heated pool, so you can also enjoy it in winter. It has a lush garden, with many corners to enjoy and relax.

And what is the difference between a country house with a swimming pool and a rustic house with a swimming pool?

If you have come this far, it is because you may be looking for a rustic house with a pool.

A townhouse refers to a house that is located in a town or village, while a rustic house refers to a house that has a more traditional and old style, with architectural and decorative elements that give it an appearance more country and rural. In other words, a town house can be rustic, but not all rustic houses are necessarily townhouses.

Some of the characteristics that can define a rustic house are:

  • Exposed brick or stone walls
  • Tile or slate roofs
  • Furniture and decoration with a more traditional and country style
  • Gardens and terraces with typical country plants and flowers
  • Wide and bright spaces

In general, rustic houses tend to have a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere, and are ideal for those looking for a quiet place away from the city.