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Villa Gadea in Altea: A Symbol of History, Culture, and Nobility

When one thinks of Villa Gadea, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the SH Villa Gadea Hotel, a luxury accommodation option known for its excellence and exclusive services. However, beyond this modern hotel, the Villa Gadea area has much more to offer, especially in terms of its rich history and cultural heritage. The original house of Villa Gadea, preserved to this day, is a testimony to the historical and architectural past of the area, offering visitors a window into the history and culture of Altea.

Villa Gadea in Altea: A Symbol of History, Culture, and Nobility
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18 Dec, 2023

Villa Gadea, located in the idyllic town of Altea, has established itself as one of the most exclusive areas in the region. Situated in a quiet spot away from the bustling historic center, Villa Gadea offers a perfect combination of stunning nature and magnificent beaches.

The location of Villa Gadea is remarkable, positioned slightly elevated above the coast and offering panoramic views of the bay, facing the Illeta, and surrounded by lush pine forests. This landscape makes Villa Gadea one of the most beautiful spots in Altea and, in general, in the Mediterranean. Despite changes and developments in the area, the main house of the old Villa Gadea, along with adjacent spaces and part of the tree line, has been preserved to this day, maintaining its historical and cultural character.

Let's explore its history and everything this place has to offer!

The History of Villa Gadea Altea

The history of Villa Gadea, located in Altea, is a fascinating mix of nobility, culture, and testamentary disputes. The story begins with Vicente Gadea Orozco, born in Altea, Alicante, in 1840. Gadea Orozco, a distinguished magistrate and senator for the Economic Society of Valencia from 1899 to 1904, as well as a doctor of laws, received a notable honor when Pope Leo XIII granted him the pontifical title of Marquis of Gadea Orozco.

With this noble title and his status in society, Vicente Gadea Orozco ordered the construction of Villa Gadea or Villa de los Ángeles between 1888 and 1890. Originally designed as a place of leisure for him and his distinguished guests, this villa soon became a meeting point for prominent figures from the church, politics, and academia.

After the death of Vicente Gadea Orozco, the title passed to his daughter, María de los Ángeles Gadea. However, her death in 1950, without leaving descendants, marked the end of the marquisate and the beginning of a complicated testamentary conflict. The lack of direct heirs led to much of her estate, including Villa Gadea, passing into the hands of the Altea town hall.

Over the years, Villa Gadea has undergone several transformations. In the 1960s, it was the setting for the Festivals of Spain, ushering in a new era of cultural splendor. However, after a period of neglect, it was restored respecting its original state and once again became a space for cultural events.

Currently, part of Villa Gadea houses the headquarters of the Local Police of Altea. Although its role as a cultural center has diminished, it remains a relevant historical and cultural site in Altea. The villa and its gardens, though refurbished, maintain a connection with their noble and cultural past, reflected in their architecture and location near l'Olla beach, famous for the pyrotechnic show of the Castell de l'Olla.

This story of Villa Gadea illustrates not only the evolution of an important architectural and cultural heritage in Altea but also the influence of a notable family in local history, marking Villa Gadea as a symbol of the legacy and history of the region.

The Architecture and Design of Villa Gadea

Side chapel of Villa Gadea
The chapel of Villa Gadea, where numerous ceremonies are currently held.

The foundational house is a building listed as a Site of Local Relevance in the catalog of properties of the PGOU of Altea, being the architectural asset ARQ 05.

The architecture of Villa Gadea, a majestic manor house located in the Olla de Altea, reflects an eclectic and learned style characteristic of the late 19th century. Built in 1890 by the lawyer from Altea Vicente Gadea Orozco, Villa Gadea is recognized as one of the most important and modern bourgeois villas of its time in Altea.

The architectural design of the villa was the work of José Juan Camaña Laymón, an architect and politician linked to the Valencian aristocracy. The architecture of Villa Gadea is notable for its Italian-style floor plan (Italianate), inspired by Palladianism, a movement that seeks harmony and proportion in architecture, with the incorporation of neo-Gothic elements in its facade. These elements bring a degree of modernity to the construction, especially notable in the glazed octagonal pyramidal dome, which has become an emblematic feature of the house and the panorama of l'Olla de Altea.

In addition to the manor house, Villa Gadea includes a large garden with sea views and a naturalistic park around it, making it a representative example of the grand bourgeois villas of the era. This environment, combined with the eclectic and modern architecture of the villa, highlights its cultural character and its importance in the architectural heritage of the region.

Villa Gadea is, indeed, a prominent example of the eclectic and learned architecture of the late 19th century in Altea, with a design that incorporates modern and traditional elements, creating a unique architectural work of great historical and cultural significance.

The Gardens of Villa Gadea

Gardens of Villa Gadea
Villa Gadea offers extensive garden areas for walking surrounded by typically Mediterranean trees, such as the olive, and spectacular views.

The Gardens of Villa Gadea in Altea are a true paradise for lovers of nature and tranquility. This green space, which bears the name of the renowned visual artist Eberhard Schlotter, is famous for its majestic olive trees, a symbol of the Mediterranean landscape that adds a timeless charm to the place. Visitors can stroll under the shade of these centennial trees, whose twisted branches tell stories of times past, creating an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

As you walk through the paths of the gardens, you are immersed in a calm atmosphere, surrounded by the natural beauty that characterizes this Mediterranean area of Spain. The gardens are meticulously cared for, with a simple and Mediterranean landscape design, complementing and enhancing the natural beauty of the surroundings.

One of the highlights of the Gardens of Villa Gadea are their stunning views. From various points in the garden, you can contemplate spectacular views over the Playa de la Olla, including the views towards the islet, up to Cap Negret. This panoramic view offers a breathtaking backdrop, where the intense blue of the sea merges with the sky, creating a natural canvas that changes with the light of the day. It is an ideal place for photographers, nature lovers, or simply for those seeking a moment of peace.

Views towards Playa de la Olla and the Albir Lighthouse in the background
Views of Playa de la Olla, with Cap Negret in the center of the image and Albir Lighthouse in the background.

At the end of the gardens, visitors will find the Club del Mar L'Olleta, a meeting point where you can enjoy local hospitality and various recreational activities. This club, located in a privileged location, offers a unique experience where leisure is combined with unparalleled views of the Mediterranean.

Additionally, the gardens host a commemorative sculpture of Eberhard Schlotter, a tribute to the artist who chose Altea as his home and source of inspiration. This sculpture not only serves as a reminder of Schlotter's legacy and his influence on Altea's art scene, but it has also become a point of interest for those visiting the gardens, adding a cultural and artistic element to the natural environment. This commemorative bust was inaugurated on April 20, 2015, in an event promoted by the Eberhard Schlotter Foundation and presided over by the then German Ambassador to Spain, Peter Tempel, and the former mayor of Altea, Miguel Ortiz.

Statue of Eberhard Schlotter
Bust of Eberhard Schlotter, in memory of the German artist

Eberhard Schlotter, a prominent German draftsman and engraver, settled in Altea from 1954, where he lived intermittently and created a vast legacy of more than 1,000 works, including oils, watercolors, drawings, and engravings. Schlotter, whose career spanned more than 50 years in Altea, had a special connection with Villa Gadea. During the 1980s, he took advantage of these beautiful gardens to teach art classes to students from the University of Mainz, where he was a professor.

The Parish of Sant Llorenç

Parish of Sant Llorenç de Altea
The new Parish of Sant Llorenç de Altea

The Festivities of Sant Llorenç in Altea, with a history dating back to the last third of the 19th century, have experienced significant evolution in their location. Originally, the festivities in honor of Saint Lawrence were held in the chapel of Villa Gadea, dedicated to various religious figures. Subsequently, the celebration moved to the Parish of the Convent of the Barefoot Carmelites and, since 2007, has taken place in the new parish of the Villa Gadea estate, just a few meters from the chapel where the masses were originally celebrated. This current parish, a mix of Valencian Gothic and Renaissance styles, is notable for its imposing facade and its square bell tower. The interior houses a rich collection of religious art. In addition to the usual religious functions, the parish is the center of the August festivities, including the traditional pilgrimage and the Castell de l’Olla.

The Parish of Sant Llorenç in Altea is not only a center of festivities in August but also a spiritual space for the residents of the Olla and Cap Negret. Attended by the parish priest of Altea la Vella, the parish offers weekend masses and sacramental services such as baptisms and communions. The current image of Saint Lawrence, dating from the 1950s, was donated by the Blayete family, replacing the original belonging to the Marchioness of Gadea.

Hotel SH Villa Gadea

Hotel SH Villa Gadea
Entrance of the 5-star Resort SH Villa Gadea

When we talk about Villa Gadea, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the iconic Hotel SH Villa Gadea in Altea. This hotel, known for its elegance and exceptional services, has become a symbol of luxury and comfort throughout the region. It is a 5-star hotel, belonging to the SH Hotels chain since 2005 and has 206 rooms, a business center, and a wellness and thalassotherapy center, among many other services.

Located on the estate of the same name, the Villa Gadea Hotel offers an unforgettable experience in an exceptional natural environment. This accommodation, perfect for getting away from routine, is situated by the sea, providing guests with exclusive and elegant rooms, junior suites, and a selection of four restaurants offering different types of cuisine, including a pool bar. In addition, the hotel has a spa offering a wide range of treatments and circuits, ideal for relaxation and unwinding.

As for the facilities, the Hotel SH Villa Gadea has three lagoon-style pools for cooling off, a gym to maintain the exercise routine even during holidays, and a range of massages for total relaxation. For those traveling for business or events, the hotel offers 10 fully equipped meeting rooms in its business center and up to 4 lounges for celebrations and banquets with space for up to 400 people.

Exclusive Discounts for Luxinmo Clients

For Luxinmo clients, the Hotel SH Villa Gadea offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy its luxury and comfort with an additional benefit: up to 20% discounts on its services, including hotel and spa facilities.

This exclusive promotion for Luxinmo clients allows access to a premium lodging experience in Altea at a more affordable price, taking advantage of everything the hotel and its spa have to offer. With this discount, Luxinmo clients can enjoy a stay in a dreamy environment, with all the first-class amenities and services that characterize the Hotel SH Villa Gadea.

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Villa Gadea Development

Residential Development Villa Gadea
Aerial view of the residential development Villa Gadea

The Villa Gadea development, a luxury residential area located on the Costa Blanca, is the perfect place for those looking to buy or rent an apartment in an exclusive setting and on the frontline of the sea. This complex has 262 high-standard homes, including bungalows, luxury townhouses, penthouses, and exceptional apartments. Additionally, for those interested in purchasing or renting a property in Villa Gadea, Luxinmo is an excellent option, as it markets apartments in this idyllic corner of the bay of Altea.

Residents in Villa Gadea enjoy direct access to the beach, ten communal pools, and the tranquility provided by 24-hour security services. In addition, activities such as hiking, diving, and fishing are accessible thanks to its unbeatable location. With free private parking included with each apartment, Villa Gadea is an ideal choice for both permanent residence and a holiday getaway in one of the most coveted destinations on the Costa Blanca. Luxinmo's offerings in this development guarantee a selection of high-quality properties to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

Apartment for sale in Villa Gadea

Apartment for Sale in Villa Gadea

112m2 | 2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms


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