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EX-15 Form: Guide and translation

The EX15 Model is a form you need to fill out if you are a foreigner and need to obtain an identification number (known as NIE) to live or do business in Spain. It's like your ID card while you're in the country. You can apply for it at the Police offices in Spain, and even at some Spanish embassies abroad.

EX-15 Form: Guide and translation
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26 Jun, 2023

The Form model EX-15 is an essential form that any foreign person in Spain needs to complete in order to obtain the Foreigner Identification Number (NIE). The NIE is a key identification that allows foreigners to carry out various activities and procedures in Spain, from opening a bank account to buying a property or setting up a business. Without this number, you would be very limited in what you could do in the country.

The EX-15 form is the first step in this important process, and its correct completion is crucial for successfully obtaining your NIE.

Who can apply for the EX-15?

The EX-15 model is essential for anyone who wishes to establish a formal relationship with Spain, be it for reasons of residence, work, business, studies or other financial, professional or social interests. So, who can apply for it? The answer is wide and varied.

On the one hand, those who are planning a life change and wish to move to Spain to live, work, or study need to apply for the EX-15 model. This form is the first stage in obtaining the NIE, the identification number for foreigners in Spain.

In addition, if you are already in Spain and you are in the middle of an administrative procedure, such as renewing a work or residence permit, you will also have to apply for this form. It is, in a way, your letter of introduction to the Spanish authorities.

Finally, if you have financial interests, such as investing in real estate or businesses in Spain, or if you have strong family or social ties here, such as a partner or children living in the country, the EX-15 model is for you.

The EX-15 model is a vital resource for a wide range of people looking to establish or formalize their relationship with Spain. If you identify with any of these situations, it is very likely that you will need to apply for this form at some point. Therefore, you should keep in mind that the EX-15 form is a key piece in your path to live, work, or invest in Spain.

Where is the EX-15 model applied for?

The EX-15 model form can be applied for in different places, depending on your geographical location:

  • If you are in Spanish territory, you can make your application in person at the General Directorate of the Police, specifically at the Foreigners' Offices. These offices are dedicated to managing all matters related to the status of foreigners in Spain, among them, the application for the NIE through the EX-15 model.
  • If you are outside Spain, there is no problem, as the application for the EX-15 model can also be submitted at the embassies or consulates of Spain present in most countries. This means that you can start the process to obtain your NIE before you move to Spain.

Documents needed to apply for the EX15 model

To apply for the EX-15 model and obtain the NIE, the following documents are required:

  • EX-15 Form: The printed document of the already completed EX-15 form must be presented.
  • Valid passport: A photocopy of the biographic page of the passport must be provided.
  • Fee: A document that proves the payment of the established fee must be presented.
  • Justification / reason for the application: A document that justifies the application for the NIE must be attached. This document will vary depending on the specific reasons for applying for the NIE.

How to fill out the EX-15?

The EX15 Model is a three-page form that must be completed with legible handwriting. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the form from the official Police website.
  2. Section 1: Foreigner's Data
    • Passport or NIE
    • Name and surname
    • Sex
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality
    • Civil status
    • Parents' names
    • Place of residence
    • Phone number
    • Email address
  3. Section 2: Data of the Application Representative (only completed if the applicant is not in Spanish territory)
    • Representative's name
    • Representative's passport
    • Full address of the representative in Spanish territory
    • Representative's city
    • Representative's phone
    • Representative's email
  4. Section 3: Address for notification purposes (specifies and details the information of the individual or company that will receive the notifications)
    • The data requested is the same as the previous sections
  5. Section 4: Data related to the application
    • Type of identity document
    • Home credential
    • Reason for the application
    • Legal context in Spain

    On the third sheet, there are two annexes that must be completed:

    • Annex I: Provides the information about those documents attached to the form. Indicates the type of document, date of presentation in which the application has been made
    • Annex II: Specifies the annexes of each document in the consultation
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