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Quique Dacosta: Elevating Dénia to the International Culinary Map.

The three Michelin stars, an honor that only a few restaurants in the world have the privilege of holding, are a testament to Dacosta's commitment to culinary excellence.

Quique Dacosta: Elevating Dénia to the International Culinary Map.
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3 Aug, 2023

Without a doubt, the presence of Quique Dacosta's restaurant in Dénia has been transformative for the gastronomic landscape, not only locally but internationally. Ever since his restaurant, Quique Dacosta Restaurant, earned the three Michelin stars, it has placed Dénia on the radar of gourmets from all over the world, acting as a beacon that attracts fine dining enthusiasts from every corner of the globe.

Beyond the prestigious distinction of the 3 Michelin stars, the restaurant has been recognized as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world, a feat that further underscores the magnitude of his contribution to the culinary world. But Quique Dacosta didn't stop there. Three of his other restaurants have also been included in the list of the top 100 in the world. These accolades not only confirm the chef's skill and vision but also reinforce Dénia's position as a top-tier international culinary destination. The restaurant's influence goes beyond haute cuisine: its presence has boosted local tourism, driven the region's economy, and promoted the wealth and diversity of local products.

His creative process begins with intense research into local ingredients and traditional culinary techniques. He then uses his talent and creativity to reinterpret these elements and transform them into innovative and astonishing gastronomic creations. His cooking is a constant dialogue between tradition and innovation, between respect for local products and the desire to surprise and move the diner with his unique vision and his ability to inspire and evoke emotions through his dishes.

The Restaurant

Quique Dacosta restaurant
Image of Quique Dacosta Restaurant (Photograph: quiquedacosta.es)

The Quique Dacosta restaurant is located in Dénia, in an idyllic setting next to the Montgó Natural Park and just a few meters from the Mediterranean. The restaurant has a modern and elegant design, with open spaces and large windows that allow diners to enjoy the landscape views while tasting Dacosta's exquisite culinary proposal.

Denia's red shrimp Twombly
Denia's "Twombly" red shrimp, one of the star dishes on Quique Dacosta restaurant's tasting menu. (Photograph: Julien Walther / Trois Etoiles)

Regarding the menu, Quique Dacosta offers a selection of tasting menus that change with the seasons, each one being a gastronomic journey full of surprises and emotions. Some of the dishes that have been part of these menus include:

  • Foie Gras Cubalibre with Lemon Frost: an emblematic dish of Dacosta that combines foie gras with a touch of rum and Coca-Cola, accompanied by a refreshing lemon frost.
  • Denia's Red Shrimp: the queen of the local seafood is treated with care to highlight its unique flavor. Lightly cooked with seawater, it exemplifies Dacosta's landscape cooking philosophy.
  • Charcoal Sea Urchins with Citrus and Ginger Sauce: this creation combines the intense sea flavor of the sea urchins with the smoky touch of charcoal, all balanced with a delicate citrus and ginger sauce.
  • Dacosta's Senyoret Rice: A reinterpretation of a traditional Valencian dish, where the rice takes center stage, evoking the landscapes of the Albufera.
  • The Animated Forest: This dessert, evoking a walk through a forest, combines earthy flavors and sweet notes to conclude the meal with a unique sensory experience.

These are just a few examples of the creativity and technical skill that Quique Dacosta showcases in his kitchen, making every dish a unique and memorable experience.

Landscape Cuisine

For Quique Dacosta, landscape cuisine is a culinary approach that seeks to reflect in dishes the nuances, essence, and richness of the geographical environment surrounding the chef. This concept, intrinsically linked to Dacosta's cooking, refers not only to the local ingredients he uses but also to how the landscape and environment influence creativity and dish presentation. The chef from Extremadura conceptualizes landscape and territory in his cuisine, breaking down the barriers between them. His approach to the identity of a place and its essences is conducted through a research and synthesis process regarding its materiality, culminating in presenting those ecosystems and landscapes on our table.

In the summer of 2015, the Museum of Illustration and Modernity in Valencia (MuVIM) presented a unique exhibition exploring nature's influence on Quique Dacosta's culinary work. Titled Quique Dacosta. Transformed Landscapes, this exhibition provided a detailed view of the award-winning chef's creative process and how his culinary style has been shaped by the Mediterranean landscapes and local products. Dacosta personally oversaw the entire development and setup of the exhibition, which not only focused on gastronomy but adopted a primarily artistic perspective. In this way, Dacosta's dishes were presented not just as culinary creations but also as works of art inspired by nature.

The exhibition traveled chronologically through Dacosta's various creative stages, starting with his early years in the kitchen of El Poblet, moving through an intense phase of landscape research and interpretation, up to his latest and most personal transformations. Visitors had the opportunity to understand his complex creative process and how he draws inspiration from his surroundings, especially the beautiful and rich region of Dénia.

The surroundings of Les Marines: sea, tradition, and gastronomy

The three-star Michelin awarded Quique Dacosta restaurant is located in the heart of Les Marines, in Dénia, a region known for its rich culinary heritage and breathtaking natural beauty. Located a short distance from the homonymous Les Marines beach, the restaurant is strategically placed to offer its diners a unique gastronomic experience, surrounded by the beauty of the coastal landscape. The restaurant's location, next to the beach, allows visitors to combine an exceptional culinary experience with a relaxing beach day.

Les Marines beach in Dénia is a splendid coastal paradise, stretching for almost three kilometers along the dazzling northwest coast of the city. This slice of Mediterranean heaven offers a perfect mix of sun, sea, and fine sand, an idyllic place to relax to the sound of the waves and enjoy a true break.

Regarding gastronomy, there's a broad range of restaurants near Les Marines beach in Dénia, where rice dishes and fresh fish take center stage. Of course, the crown jewel is the Quique Dacosta restaurant, attracting gourmets from all over the world with its innovative cuisine and exceptional service.

Living in this area not only offers you the opportunity to have a spectacular beach within your reach but also the chance to experience one of the best culinary offerings in Spain, with the Quique Dacosta restaurant leading the way. Without a doubt, Les Marines in Dénia is a place that combines natural beauty, relaxation, and high gastronomy, all in one place.

House in Les Marines near Quique Dacosta's Restaurant

Large rustic villa just 40 meters from the seashore

313m2 | Bedrooms 6 | Bathrooms 3

€695,000 €795,000

Other Restaurants by Quique Dacosta

  • "Quique Dacosta Restaurant" in Denia (3* Michelin Stars and 3 Repsol Suns)
  • "El Poblet" (2* Michelin Stars and 2 Repsol Suns)
  • "Deessa" (2* Michelin Stars). Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid
  • "Vuelve Carolina" (1 Repsol Sun)
  • "Mercat Bar" in Valencia
  • "Llisa Negra" in Valencia
  • "Arrosqd" in London
  • "Palm Court". Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid
  • "El Jardín del Ritz". Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid
  • "Champagne Bar". Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid
  • "Pictura". Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid
  • "Quique Dacosta Delivery" in Spain, food distribution

Awards and Recognitions of Quique Dacosta

  • Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, 2020
  • Best Spanish Restaurateur by the Royal Academy of Gastronomy, 2019
  • Doctor Honoris Causa by the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche
  • Ranked 39th in The 50 Best Restaurants in the World, 2015 by the prestigious magazine The Restaurant
  • Best Restaurant in Europe according to Opinionated About Dining, 2012 and 2013
  • National Gastronomy Award, given by the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy, 2005 and 2009
  • Chef Millesime Award 2013
  • 3 Michelin stars since 2012
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